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Neutopia allows organisations to harness the power of their community through personalised content, collaboration, and learning - all in a single platform

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With Neutopia you can recommend future learning pathways and build strong knowledge communities connected around interest and passion


Neutopia allows people to connect, collaborate, co-create and communicate within groups and across your entire ecosystem seemlessly
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With real-time data, Neutopia powers insights, engagement and recommendations across your ecosystem.

How it Works

These powerful data insights combined with highly customisable content, enables your business to understand interests and trends across your community.  You’ll deliver better content, drive engagement and increase opportunity.

Memberships and community for life

People come for the content. They stay for the community.
Neutopia cultivates deep engagement within communities, enhances connection, and delivers rich and dynamic learning and development experiences that supports your members for life.

Learning Pathways supporting your future

Neutopia’s next-generation technology opens up a world of personalized possibilities for your members to re-engage, upskill and be supported in their future pathways.

Promote events, workshops, courses, and other learning opportunities when they’re most relevant.

Accurate insights and analytics

Understand your people like never before, understand what’s trending, what’s engaging and power your future programming based on data. Accumulate insights, and foster a greater sense of community, loyalty, and longterm engagement—all in one place.

Easy-to-use tools and features

We want to make it easy for you to create and manage your community, so we’ve equipped Neutopia with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Utilise our easy-to-use tools to create value for your community, and watch it scale without the chaos.


A lifelong platform for engagement and inspiration.

Neutopia powers …


Stronger Together

Powering knowledge communities to grow

Just of few organisations thriving with Neutopia

Central Queensland University: using data to position further learning design and events, power alumni engagement programming and communications.

Neutopia is powering their innovation hubs. Learning programs are hosted on the platform where mentors and entrepreneurs connect via interest-based communities, and stay engaged as part of the founders collective

Amplifying the connection and community for student-led social enterprises, Enactus Australia uses Neutopia to engage student leaders across 23 of the major Australian Universities.

Developing a world class collection of content and learning with a data lead strategy to increase alumni engagement and build long-lasting global hospitality relationships.


Christina Gerakiteys


Singularity University

“Neutopia is clearly born out of a love of learning. Its functionality is a great example of human-centered tech. It’s a win for organisations, it’s a win for professionals, it’s a win for members & students.”

Parul Punjabi Jagdish

Head of Education


“Nothing is more powerful than great design and when you combine it with good humans behind the great design, well that’s a winning combination.”

Ozlem Cetin

Masters Student


“Neutopia leaves you feeling energised, you’re not overwhelmed with content, you get what you want, when you want it.”


It’s time for a new era of academic and business engagement


We believe that community is more important than ever. Neutopia provides a space for people to come together and connect over shared interests, experiences, and goals. No matter where you are in the world, your community can find their home here.


Our utopia is one where everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and succeed, no matter where they are in life. We believe powered knowledge communities should be available to all, and we won’t stop until it is.


Free to connect to people, knowledge and future pathways that are right for you. Free from the limits of the physical world. This is the promise of Neutopia, with the goal of making communities more accessible, engaging, and fun.


Utopia has never been so easy to achieve

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