Built for modern engagement

Neutopia is a digital platform designed to serve modern alumni and membership engagement through personalised content, facilitating communities, and delivering ongoing learning.
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Relevant and responsive, Alumni want a different type of engagement.
And, they know it.


Meeting alumni and member expectations

Personalised Experiences

Increases enrolment success rates, and immerses prospects into organisational culture and shared-interest groups, through customised content from the first point of enquiry

Delivering Dynamic Learning

Deepens the learning experience through individual curiosity, and stimulates interest in staying engaged and seizing future opportunities with institutions

Enriched Community 

Cultivates brand loyalty and support with alumni and members through relevant, provocative content and shared communities of interest

Dynamically responds to individuals to meet evolving interests

Community and Connection

Develop online communities to grow connections and support your members

Shared Vision

Increasing Value

Building on affinity and networks created through learning – Neutopia increases the value of communications, outreach, and the connections between individuals and organisations.


Value Proposition

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